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About Us

We at Medvance, have an extensive experience in the field of medical industry for last 10 years. A private limited firm registered in India, Medvance has managed to grow a great network clientele over the past few years & tie ups with multiple organizations world wide. Medvance makes the personal commitment to first understand our customer expectations then, to meet or exceed our commitment to those levels by performing the correct tasks on time, every time. Our aim is to provide high standard quality products at most competitive prices nationally as well as at the international level.. We are proud of our long lasting customer relationships and strive hard in providing high level service to our clientele. We achieved this success by getting repeated orders constantly which itself is a certificate of quality, our prompt service and most reasonable rates.

Our services sector is focused on the processing and supply of mainly

•  Pharmaceutical Products which include API’s finished & semi finished formulations, and custom made medication requirements.

•  Chemicals which include fine and specialty chemicals utilized for water treatment, pharma, metal & engineering industries etc.

•  Cosmetics and Perfume Concentrates which include all active ingredients in fairness creams, dyes, imaging chemicals and other cosmetic products.

•  Medical Devices & Diagnostics which include the medical equipment, hospital furniture, healthcare networks, and rehabilitation of hospital services.

Quality Control, Management & Assurance

Medvance ensures that the outcomes of our products and services are predictable and optimizes our performances through analysis and improvement. We guarantee exemplary satisfaction to our customers.

Timeliness and Delivery of Service

Medvance prides in itself for its ability to respect schedules and to deliver its high quality services at the promised time interval to its clients.

Confidentiality & Time Management:

•  We value client’s Intellectual Property and ensure its best protection

•  IP solely belongs to the client

•  Manual and electronic security in the premises

•  Separate team for each client

•  Employee confidentiality agreement / Release policy & Stringent CDA

•  Continuous employee training on confidentiality

•  Coding of all project related documents

Communication / Project Management:

•  Problem solving in terms of scientific or process related will be discussed among the team & project team leader

•  Weekly updates will be generated and sent to Client and Conference calls with clients –once or twice in a week or as per client’s requirement

•  Data cards are prepared by Scientist or Chemists for each step of the synthetic process and compiled for Final report generation

•  Purity of final compounds will be discussed with client before shipping in case of problem in achieving Targeted purity

We request your precious time to go through our product range which might be of your interest and expand the business relation mutually. Please feel free to send us your enquiries or emails to

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