POSKOM 5.0kW mobile X-ray system has powerful strength of 100mA and ideological design for mobile application. Experience high imaging resolution, user-friendly operation and smooth movement.

•   Faster Image Solution
•   Higher Image Acquisition
•   In-House Mobility For Patient


PXP Series

PXP series are the most compact and light weighted system with powerful strength.




•   Remote controller by hand switch
•   Flat touch panel and digital display
•   Display reverse switch
•   Built-in SID measurement tape
•   Built in halogen lamp
•   Silver carrying case and power plug


•   Rotating collimator ( optional)
•   Collimator with rotating head combines with mobile stand for human use and helps easy variation of exposure angles.
•   DR interface auto recognition (standard for PXP-16HF and battery portable)
•   Mobile stand

PXM Series

Perfect Concept For Portables With Battery Or AC Cables.



Great advantage for outdoor radiography.

Without heavy and complicated carriage of power cables, battery powered portable maximize the mobility of x-ray system. Lightest weight and compact body size are maintained regardless of battery installation.

Maximum 400 exposures by just one charging

The greatest capacity storage is 3,000mAs and approximately 400 exposures can be executed by one charging of battery. Indicator of mAs consumption shows the time for battery charging and warning sign will be lighted in case of full discharge.

Exclusive remote controller using hand switch

This patented remote control software allows total control of all your custom technique values. It allows you to make adjustment on the fly without placing your unit on the ground fumbling for awkward dials and display panel controls.

21 APRs and auto DR interface recognition

Programmed software recognized connection of digital radiographic device automatically and 21 APR selections are available for the setting of ideal radiography conditions.

Clean diagnostic images by excellent high frequency technology

Superior high frequency technology of POSKOM realize brilliant clinical images by stable x-ray outputs with lowest ripples.

Good-looking design and user-oriented function

User friendly operation and functions are the most important elements of our product design. Exclusive remote controller, auto distance laser beam guider, display reverse switch and other convenient menus will maximize your work efficiency.



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