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X-RAY Generater for OEM/ODM

Product Features

High capacity and stable output of x-rays

Comprehensive power capacity varies from 20kw to 80kw and mA range from 250 to 1,000 according to models .1 tube , 2 tube and 1 tube R/F are available upon your requirements. Excellent high frequency technology of poscom provides the best diagnostic images by stable and quality DC supplies.

Programmed calibration for various for tubes and cable length

Installed calibration software helps easy adjustment of technical data for the sort of x-ray tubes and high voltage cables.this software can be upgrade or renewed upon your request.

Error check system with fast fault datection

This self – diagnostic function catches error signals of machine and displays default code or conditions of disorder in question .users can define and analysis encountered situation and find solution by looking through manuals or consultation with technicians.

Precise mA and kVp feedback control

Well desighned HT controller maintains stable mA and kVp feedback without errors against frequent exposure and secures distinguished reproducibility of x-rays’

Maximum 500 anatomical parts views for optimal radiography

This programs software find the option technical values for the best radiography upon anatomical features of body parts and size of the photography.

Users – friendly operation console and data display

Several types of operation console (veterinary . human . pc-based touch screen)will be provide upon your field application and they are carefully designed for your best use and convenience.



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